Creative Dance Keys

An educational, multimedia tool kit for teaching creative dance.

The Creative Dance Keys program includes a Key shaped Instruction Booklet, a Teacher's Guide, Vocabulary Resources, Music CD's, DVD, and an interactive CD-ROM.

The program is available in English and French.

The program is applicable for dance, drama, music, physical education, visual arts and language arts.

Approved and Recommended by -

The Province of British Columbia Ministry of Education, Canada
The Creative Dance Keys is a Provincially Recommended Resource for the Grade Collection for Dance, Kindergarten to Grade 7.

Alberta Education, Canada
The Creative Dance Keys is an Authorized Teaching Resource for Physical Education, Kindergarten to Grade Six.

The Ministry of Education of Saskatchewan, Canada
Official Minority Language Office recommends The Creative Dance Keys, French Edition, for Physical Education, Kindergarten to Grade Six.

Saskatchewan Learning recommends The Creative Dance Keys (English Edition) for Arts Curricula (K-5).

The Creative Dance Keys was written by Linda D. Rubin, director of Synergy Movement Workshops, Professor Emeritus University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The French translation was funded by the French Language Fund of the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training and Synergy Movement Workshops Translation Consultation and Video Narration by Claudine Paquet, Creative Dance Specialist, Ontario.

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